Friday, August 24, 2007

Lunch with M

I had lunch with M today - at the middle school. Some friends had told me that it wasn't cool to eat lunch with your parents in middle school, but I checked with M and he said to come. Of course, he wanted to make sure I would buy him cookies to go with his lunch as long as I was there too...

I had wanted to get there early enough to go through the line with M, but he misremembered when his lunch started and the office couldn't pin it down either, so I got there right after he went through the line - emerging with only 2 things on his tray - a slice of cheese pizza and a pile of french fries. No drink - milk upsets his stomach so he is supposed to have juice, but he says he doesn't like the orange juice or the grape juice. No fruit or veggies. The cafeteria lady I spoke with last week assured me that they always have fruit, but M claims there was none today. I'll have to go again sometime and get there before he goes through the line so I can see for myself.

For me, I went through the hot lunch line and had chicken bites, tater tots (most of which M ate, like he needed more starches for lunch), green beans, corn and a roll. I brought home a chocolate milk for A and got myself and M cups of water. Evidently M can BUY bottled water, but can't get a cup to fill at the water fountain. He says he usually just heads over to the water fountain and gets a drink when he needs it.

I can't say that the food was great - ok, but a bit too fried for my tastes. But I did enjoy eating with M and I got to meet his new BF, K. They have all 5 academic classes together.

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