Sunday, August 12, 2007

M's "About Me" folder

M's language arts teacher asked each student to make a folder to help her get to know them - with 5 goals on the front and pictures of things they like/are important to them on the back.

M's goals:
I want to see the Parthenon
I want to go to Italy
I want to get all A's
I want to get a Wii
I want to be a millionaire

M's photos

Clockwise from upper left:
A coqui (small Puerto Rican frog),
the beach (extra nice with a rainbow),
M ice skating,
M swimming,

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Anonymous MaryP said...

A worthy set of goals: intellectual prowess, travel, fitness, and wealth.

My youngest really wants to visit Italy, too. I don't know why Italy, among all the possibilities, but Italy is her dream destination.

She, however, has a Wii. Lots'o'fun.

2:23 PM  

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