Monday, August 06, 2007

A's classes changed

Turns out that they did change A's classes. He kept the Entomology class and the others switched to Medieval Times and Coral Reef. He said that they were all interesting yesterday.

He took in a dead cicada and a live fly today - in different containers. And after he got home, he wanted to put the fly into a container where it could breathe. We found a "bug catcher" he got at the end of school and transferred the fly - with some difficulty. It escaped the first time and we had to replace it (or maybe we caught the same one again - who knows?). Then A decided he wanted TWO flies in there together. That was tricky, trying to get another one in, without letting the first out. But we finally accomplished it. Two is my limit!

Shadow is very interested in the flies and several times jumped onto the coffee table to check out the bug keeper and flies.

Me, I just want to kill all the flies in the house. These are the large housefly variety - I haven't had them before. Twice before we've had flies, but they have been the smaller type.



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