Thursday, August 02, 2007

Open House for Challenge

It's the start of our weekly school nights for the next few weeks. Tonight was for Challenge. A got his class assignments for this fall. I went back and looked up his choices from last spring. He only got one of his top 6 choices.

His current class schedule is
Entomology - choice 7
RMS Titanic - choice 2
Historical Fiction - choice (9 or lower - I only recorded his top 8 choices)

All with the same teacher! That is highly unusual - usually they have a different teacher for each class. Occasionally M or A has had 2 classes with the same teacher in a semester, but not often. One of the teachers said that she had seen one other kid with the same teacher for all 3 classes (and just then another parent came up with the same thing) - she said they may try to adjust schedules a little bit. So I guess we won't know for sure what his classes are until he come home on Monday.

Next week we have Curriculum night for A's 3rd grade class and the following week we have Curriculum night for M's 6th grade classes. Should be interesting.



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