Sunday, August 19, 2007

Enjoying the last of D's birthday presents

My mom gave D (well, really both of us) a night on the town for his birthday - dinner, a play and babysitting for the kids. We'd been bad about making plans to go ahead and do it. We were too busy right at his birthday, then swim meets, then vacation, then school starting. But, finally, we decided we needed to go ahead and do it before the end of the season.

My mom had suggested a play at Georgia Shakespeare Company and their summer season ended today. I think another part of the reason we were hesitating was that we thought (mistakenly) that the performances were outdoors. Ugh. That was just too hot to think about. But, they aren't outdoors - they have a very nice, smallish (all the seats looked quite good) theater - with properly working AC. We saw Loot - a British farce. Quite funny, and definitely not G rated. We weren't quite sure whether it would be PG or PG-13, but in either case, not particularly appropriate for the kids. Just as well we didn't have them with us. My mom had A over to her house and M was off camping with the Scouts.

Before the play, we had thought about ordering a picnic dinner from the catering company that works with the Shakespeare company. But again, the heat. Instead we went to Feast. Quite a good choice - one of D's coworkers recommended it. I had the duck breast and D had the whole roasted trout with the side of asparagus. Yum yum. I'd love to go back again sometime, but its not exactly close to home.



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