Sunday, September 02, 2007

The bat is dead and gone

D and I got around to dealing with the bat this afternoon. After all the strategizing about how to make sure the bat didn't get into the house, we found that it wasn't needed - the bat had died. We still had a little struggle getting the screen off and back on again, but once again we can open that window safely. Yeah.

In fact, the windows are open right now and the attic fan is pulling in the lovely cool, 72 degree air right now. Which is good, since the AC is still acting up. The latest air-chair diagnosis is that the fan controller on the furnace is kaput. The fan has been cycling off and on WAY too frequently - like 45 seconds on and 3 minutes off - repeatedly. The AC (or perhaps just the fan) would cycle even when the thermostat was set to OFF. And when the house temp was well below the setpoint. I finally got tired of all the cycling and flipped the circuit breaker for the fan.

The AC and furnace are just less than 2 years old, so they may still be under some sort of warranty. We are looking into that. In the meantime, we're grateful that the weather is much more reasonable than last week!

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