Friday, September 14, 2007

Consignment sale

I've been busy the last few days trying to get stuff ready for a consignment sale, then working at the sale (to increase my percentage of my sales), and then shopping at the sale. I got to go on Wed night for an early chance at the sale (because I helped work) and I got some new light to medium weight jackets for the kids - including a fleece jacket with a full zipper and a hood. I looked everywhere for those last year and couldn't find them ANYWHERE! for any price. So I was quite happy to find one for $2.

On an even happier note: the train table sold! YES! And at the higher price I was convinced to put on it. For whatever reason, the kids never really got into trains. Oh, they would happily play with a train table when we were out somewhere, but at home. Nope. I spent more time setting it up and playing with the trains myself than they ever did. And since we moved A into the previous playroom, there was no room for the train table. I'm glad to have the money for it and not to have to find a place to keep it anymore.

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Well said.

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