Monday, September 03, 2007

New Kittens

Awww, isn't the kitty cute!

But this bundle of cuteness is not in MY house - oh no, my cats would seriously disapprove. This is one of my mom's new kittens.

Here's A with one kitten:

And M with the other kitten:

My mom is enjoying her new kittens immensely. The kids and I have been to visit them twice.

From the moment the kids heard about the kittens, they thought we should introduce our cats to my mom's kittens. So, the second time we visited, we took Pounce with us. BAD IDEA! She hissed and growled and hid under the furniture. Behaved MUCH worse than she did when we went to the vet last week (and she had to put up with resident cats there too). I had thought that meeting on relatively neutral territory might be ok. The kittens thought everything was fine - they paid no attention to Pounce at all. I don't think we'll be trying this again anytime soon!



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