Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Late nights

M went to the youth group meeting down at church tonight - for the first time, since he's now an official middle school-er. Well, ok, he actually crashed the group a couple of times last year during Lent when they were discussing various aspects of managing your money, vs the elementary group making crafts. M is quite over doing type crafts they do at church.

Anyhoo, M went down with my mom and he took a bit of homework with him to work on between when she needed to be there and when his program started. All well and good. And when he came home, 8:40ish, he said he only had one more picture to draw on his timeline. Great! But then..... he also had vocabulary and something else to do. And questions for us, and wanting to see what I'm doing, etc, etc, etc. All of which led to M's not getting to bed until almost 10pm. Meaning D and I have no adult time this evening. Not so good.

And even worse, A came out around 9:30 wanting to know why M was still up.

- he's doing homework
-he's older
-he can sleep later in the morning (bus comes an hour later)
-and none of your business - it's past YOUR bedtime

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Blogger Carol P. said...

Heh, J was up much later than M during the summer, and she knew it was a privilege because of her age. M would sometimes complain about it, but always went right to sleep at her regular time.

Even now that school's started, when J gets up at 6am and heads out to school for a 7:40 start, she's still up a bit later than M who gets up at 7:15. But now the difference is like, 15 minutes, and J crashes right away instead of reading for a while. I think the main reason she's up later is that J likes 15 minutes of mom-time ;-) We'll see how late she sleeps in tomorrow morning.

7:36 PM  

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