Thursday, November 08, 2007

On Living with Cats

I've learned a few things about living with cats the last few years. Some of these I remembered from other cats, some are new to me.

1. Do NOT leave the butter uncovered. You will come back to find it oddly smoothed... and then have to cut off a hunk of it.

2. Do NOT leave your water cup in the bathroom more than half full. The cat WILL drink out of it - in preference to his water dish, the water in the bottom of the sink or anywhere else the water is left strictly for the cat.

3. Watch where you sit. We've found urps from the cat the last 2 mornings - one on the chair cushion in the kitchen and one on the quilt in the living room. Luckily these are really just chunks of dry catfood, but I certainly don't want to sit in it.



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