Sunday, February 24, 2008

Finally ready for taxes?

I got what I hope is my LAST piece of info to do our taxes in the mail yesterday.  I always wonder at all the tax prep stuff that is out there in early Jan.  I never have ANY info until the very end of Jan!

This week the kids have been off school, so not very conducive to working on taxes, though I did manage to sort and file all the financial info from the past year - took me most of the day Friday and generated 9 bags of trash.  Which included several bags that the kids shredded for me.

I'm hoping to make some serious inroads into the taxes this week.  I HATE doing taxes, though, so I always seem to procrastinate.  My goal is to have them done by Easter.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You inspire me. Maybe I can get mine done by Easter as well. Wouldn't that make for a joyous day!!! Mama

9:33 PM  

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