Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hit a Snag

I thought I was done with the piecing for A's quilt.  I had it all laid out and sewn together.  I laid it out on his bed yesterday and showed him.  Cool, he says.  It's wide enough, but it needs to be longer.  Oops.  I was figuring on putting a wide border on it, but now he says he doesn't want it much wider (it hangs a few inches over each side of his bed).  Easy solution is to add a few more rows to the length.  But.... I ran out of the orange flannel.  So, after my quilting meeting today, I ran up to JoAnn's and was lucky enough to find more of the orange flannel (and it was even half off!)  So, flannel is home and washed, but I didn't manage to get any further today.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get some more strips cut and pieced.  And maybe even get some strips cut on my challenge quilt...  I was planning to defrost the freezer tomorrow, but looking at the weather (predicted to be right at freezing still at 9am tomorrow), maybe I'll sew tomorrow and defrost on Friday.  Besides, who wants to spend Valentine's day defrosting the freezer?  Not me!



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