Saturday, February 16, 2008

Belated Valentines Post

We had a lovely Valentine's Day and I have some lovely pictures.  However, the various computers are not cooperating with photos at the moment, so no pictures.  

So, picture in your mind.... I cleared the dining room table of all the homework and art stuff.  Set the table with the china, crystal and silver.  Found candlesticks* and pink candles.  Found heart decorations for the table.  D brought me some lovely red tulips, just starting to open.

Dinner was shrimp and crab cakes, bacon-wrapped scallops, veggies with pasta, and fresh simple crusty bread.  

M even tried a scallop (not his idea) and decided that the bacon hid the scallop flavor well enough, but he wasn't choosing to have anymore. He had fish sticks. A, though, he initially said he would prefer fish sticks, after trying the scallops, asked for more.

But then, the candles started swaying as we cut the bread.  They weren't standing up straight very well anyway, but sawing through the crust on the bread had them lurching drunkenly and threatening to spew wax all over the place (and possibly flames).  After fixing them multiple times, we finally just blew out the candles.

*We don't often have candle-lit dinners, as shown by the fact that I had to dig up the candlesticks from a box where we had packed them away when we got the new flooring - umm, 2 years ago.



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