Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pinewood Derby Day

Today was the pinewood derby. The great race that some of the dads have been working towards for months. Not in this house, though. D and A started working on the car this Monday.

Monday, D cut the car at school, then he and A sanded it and took it to pit night, where A put a coat of paint on and D straightened the axles.

Tuesday, D put in the weights and wood puttied them into place. They sanded some more, then put the wheels in and tested it on the track at pit night.

Wednesday, A and I painted it again and D added a bit more weight.

Thursday, D polished the axles and put in graphite and they tested it (and several old cars) on the track at pit night again.

Friday was the last touch up of weight.

And then Saturday was the race.

Here's A at the track.

And here's A's car, closer to us, unfortunately not winning - though it's close.

It was a double elimination tournament. A lost in the first round and went into the loser's bracket. Then he won a race, which turns out to have been the wrong race to have run. Then he won his correct race. Then he lost. But that race his car shouldn't have been in - the kid A beat, went on to take 3rd place. A was disappointed that he didn't win, especially because this pack gives out trophies for the top 3 finishes in each den. Previously A took 2nd and 1st place, but only got a pin.

A did win an award for "I can't believe it's a car!", which I think is really meant for cars that look like animals or such. In this case, it means that his car was the least fancy of the Bears.
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