Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snow in March?!

Yes, the weather has been really crazy here lately. Yesterday it was in the 60's, this morning it snowed. Of course, because it was in the 60's yesterday, absolutely nothing stuck. But still - it snowed in March. Amazing. And that makes, I think, 3 times it has snowed this year. After no snow at all for about the last 3 years. While I don't really want to live somewhere with a lot of snow, I do enjoy an occasional snow day.

Years ago, I might have said I wouldn't mind living somewhere snowy. Snow was fun and exciting. But then, one time when D and I were visiting his family, it snowed. Oh boy, we had fun. Walks in the snow, snowball fights, maybe even a sled ride. And we shoveled the driveway - not so much fun, but manageable. Until the day that it snowed off and on all day. We shoveled the driveway in the morning, before guests arrived. We shoveled again in the afternoon. And again in the evening. Thoughts of getting up at 0:dark 30 and shoveling snow in the cold dark wintry morning before work quickly killed the fun aspects of living in snow country.

The rest of today - snow flurries for an hour or two. Then it was on to just cold and windy. Decidedly wintery feeling, not like the glimpses of spring we'd been having. It's supposed to freeze tonight. Correction - its already freezing now and is supposed to get down to something like 26 tonight. Right on schedule to freeze the buds on lots of flowering trees. One of our Japanese magnolias is blooming at the top and not quite budding at the bottom of the tree (vast differential in amounts of sunlight received). The top is toast, and probably some of the middle top of the tree, but hopefully the lower part of the tree will bloom successfully in a few weeks.

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