Tuesday, February 26, 2008


M decided he really wanted to upgrade his iPod to a video iPod - one of the new 3rd generation ones. And he really, really wanted to have it to take on his big field trip in mid-March (ie before his birthday). We finally agreed that he could have the same iPod money match for his birthday as A got, but early. He debated between the 4GB and the bigger, more colorful 8GB, but finally decided on the 4GB.

M has been asking me daily, nay hourly, if the iPod has come.

We've been tracking it through the Fed-Ex website. Only problem - they didn't update between Reno, NV and Ellenwood, GA (whereever that is!). And, M had signed up for email updates, which never arrived. Hmmph.

Anyway, last night we knew it had reached GA and was put on a truck for delivery today. So, I stayed home all day waiting for it. Giving up going in to A's class to help out. (OK, truth be told, it was a great day to stay home - cold, WINDY, rainy - all around yucky - and A's teacher lately often doesn't have anything particular for me to do). So, I stayed home and slogged away at the taxes and the package finally arrived at 2:22pm.

I had asked M whether he wanted to open it himself, or have me open it and start charging it. He debated it, but finally decided he wanted to open it up himself (I'm not surprised, but I thought I'd offer the option of charging it for him).

Here's M with his package:

Hurry up and open, you box you!

The inner box...

and finally the iPod itself!

It is cool and shiny (much more metallic and silvery than the old one, which was more buffed silver). It is charged up and he listened to/played with it this evening - on the way to and from Scouts, and while hanging out with me in A's den meeting, waiting for his meeting to start. Oh, and he managed somehow to switch it into Japanese at one point. Luckily he managed to get it back to English!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your extremely fine new gadget, Michael. I'm glad you know how to do all the computer-related tasks to maximize its coolness. xx Mum-mum

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