Thursday, February 28, 2008

Maybe not the best way to earn money

I "earned" $2 tonight - by virtue of M not taking out the trash. Hmmm... if it is worth $2 to him to not take out the trash, I guess I need to set the price higher. Though he drew the line at 25 cents per trashcan to put new bags in. So, first thing tomorrow morning he will be doing that - or owing me some more money.

I know I ought to have the kids doing more chores, but somehow it just doesn't get done. A couple of times a month I get everyone involved in cleaning up - but I seem to spend as much time doling out tasks as getting anything done myself.

I'm tired tonight. D's gone, so I've been kid-wrangling myself yesterday and today. And tonight is the 3rd night in a row that we've been out late - Scouts, Lenten program, and Scouts again. But now, A is the official recipient of a Bear badge. I have some pictures (not sure how good they are, most were taken by M, at a distance). But no camera battery tonight. So the battery is charging and I will try to put up photos tomorrow.

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