Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Night Fun

The kids and I had a wonderful, silly, fun evening tonight. I had initially thought we might go to M's school for their "family movie night", but he declared that he didn't want to see that movie. So, hmm. I didn't want a night of kids on computers. So what to do?

Get the whole family on electronics together! We had a Wiiment (Wiinament? Wii tournament).

A chose a boxing tournament. He beat us both.

M chose a bowling tournament. Close match. A won again.

I chose a golf tournament. A pulled that one off too, beating me by one stroke.

Then we each did our fitness age. I won that one, even beating my actual age.

Then we came upstairs and had luscious fudge-topped Ghirardelli brownies. Ummmm. *

After the brownies, M got silly. He was dancing around singing "Oh, do you know the muffin man?" So, I got silly too. I did a different dance to "Oh yes I know the muffin man". Then we danced together to "Yes we know the muffin man". Then we made A get into it too. We had to take the dance out into the living room so all 3 of us could lock elbows and sing and dance.

You know, reading that, it doesn't really sound that great. But really, it was fun and silly and terrific. We got all crazy-silly and had fun. And then the kids went and brushed their teeth and went to bed. (OK, they tried to procrastinate, but didn't get far with that - and really they went off to bed quite nicely.)

* and in the middle of writing this post D came home, so here I am finishing it up Sat night. D and I had a good long catching up chat and then went off to snuggle in bed. The kids were so quiet this morning I wasn't sure they were up (A was, M wasn't yet). And now, off to bed tonight...

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