Saturday, May 10, 2008


Two weeks ago when A and I went off camping with the Cub Scouts, M went biking at a BMX track for a friend's birthday party. D was going to get M's bike ready Sat morning, but discovered that WHOA that bike was too small. It seems M grew enough over the winter to not really fit his bike anymore. So off they went to Tar*get to get a new one. I'd already had to get M a new helmet after his last one self destructed (plastic circle with all the little foam bits had disconnected from the main helmet).

M had a good time biking at the track and is now enjoying his bike more. He says he'll be biking to swim practice this summer too.

Meanwhile, we needed to work some more with A on getting him truly riding his bike. Deja vu - his old bike was too small too! So, we got out M's old bike and lowered the seat just a smidgen and now we have proper size bikes for both kids.

I took A and the bike up to the top of the yard on a grassy slope and helped him get started. He was a little wobbly at first (over steering), but he had the hang of it. He was riding. on his own. He practiced some more down the front yard and back and forth in the driveway. By golly, this time I think it will stick! Several times before he had gotten very close on riding, but just didn't have the confidence to take off. I think this time he will. It didn't help though that he turned in the driveway and was about to head down a rather steep slope towards our neighbor's yard. He didn't brake soon enough and the brakes weren't going to be much good on that steep a slope, esp when covered with pine straw. He ended up skidding into the edge of a tree and stopping. Not hurt really, but a little shaken and a small scrape. So we ended the session. With thoughts of another session tomorrow though.

I'm glad he's finally getting the hang of the bike. At 9.25 years. I think he's happy too. Now he'll be able to bike to his friend S's house rather than walking...

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