Monday, August 11, 2008

2nd 1st day of school this year

Does that make sense?  Today was A's first day of school for the year.  He's still working on making up his work from last week.  And getting a little confused - he brought home the wrong workbook for homework tonight - he was remembering that the math workbook was blue last year.  Well, this year math is some other color - how dare they??  Hopefully the teacher will let him do the math page in the morning or for homework tomorrow because we didn't go back to get it.

Then tomorrow A gets to go to his first day of gifted classes - he has classes in intro to Algebra, Discovering Engineering (building bridges and such) and Out of this World (space/astronomy).  Can you tell what sort of things A is interested in?  I'm sure A will come home with yet more school supplies he needs.  I'm really looking forward to being done with school supply shopping! - maybe by this weekend.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, that is the Tower of London in the background. xx Mum-mum

3:13 PM  

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