Sunday, August 10, 2008

Harry Potter on A's trip - more photos added

A's trip to London/Oxford included a good bit of Harry Potter. They had a talk from the Dumbledore stand-in from the first movies. He said in the first movie the only lines he had were "Welcome to Hogwarts" as the students went up the stairs.

Here's Dumbledore with A:

They also got sorted into various houses - A became a Billywig:

They played a rousing game of muggle quidditch:

They ended the week with a Hogwarts banquet, where they ate such things as witches broth, supreme of dragon with lizards' tails, blast-ended skrewts, mixed mandrake and finished off with fortescue sundae. A says it was all delicious. He did wish that we had packed his Harry Potter robe and wand, but he was able to borrow one of each from a fellow student (and not everyone had HP gear anyway).

* Finally got photos to post. Enjoy

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