Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boy Scout cooking (or lack thereof)

M went to the local district camporee this weekend.  Either he nominated me or it was his turn or something, but I got to buy the food for his patrol.  Fine with me.  It would have been nice if M could have gone shopping with me, but between his homework and my other plans, it didn't work.  So, I was left trying to decipher a food list made by 3 pre-teen/early teen boys.

As I recall, the menu looked like:

Breakfast: cereal (Fruit Loops), milk
Lunch: ham, turkey, cheese sandwiches
Dinner: hotdogs, ketchup, mustard, chips
Dessert: poptarts - chocolate and brown-sugar cinamon (their spelling)
Breakfast: OJ, poptarts, rice crispies (which I am told means premade rice krispie treats)
and somewhere in there, kool-ade* - specifically fruit punch, lemonade and one other type

The only cooking involved was cooking hot dogs.  I guess they boiled them because it turns out that they didn't have any skewers - and didn't ask me to pack any.  The kool-ade was to make "nectar of life", only I found out after the fact that it should have been individual serving size packets that they can mix together (and only Koolaid brand), not the packets you add sugar to.  I guess they need to learn to specify things on a list!

This is fairly obviously not a menu I would have ever put together, but I did buy what was specified.  I was pleased, though, that M added bananas to the list - and that 4 got eaten over the weekend.  At least there was something fruit or vegetable consumed over those 4 meals.  I wonder when they will decide to actually cook food?  D thinks it might be high school before they decide that they can make something tasty for themselves.

When D told me what food they came back with, I was rather surprised - they (ended up being 4 boys in M's patrol) had eaten (with perhaps some help from various other Scouts) 20 oz of lunchmeat (I thought for sure I had overbought on this), a loaf of bread, 2 boxes of poptarts (all before dinner on Sat), the whole box of Fruit Loops - but only 5 hotdogs.  M reports that he ate 3 because 2 of his patrol mates weren't hungry (maybe too many poptarts?)

They ended up coming home with OJ, milk, 3 hotdogs, and condiments.  Maybe I didn't overbuy too badly - or maybe they all shared things around - or maybe I don't have a clue what happened.  But they didn't starve and they didn't drown (it was raining Friday night), so overall it was a success.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like a typical pre-teen male menu. I'm glad they had a good time & that the weather cleared up on Sat. AM M-m

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Jillian said...

I think rice krispy treats and pop tarts sound better than the canned spam and beans from days of old...

4:26 PM  

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