Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Court of Honor Haul

M and A both recently had Scout awards meetings. M's Boy Scout Court of Honor ceremonies come along only about twice a year, so they are fairly rare and rather ceremonial.  Here he is getting his badges from summer camp:
M didn't get a rank advancement this time, but he did get quite a few badges:  top row: canoeing, archeology, leatherwork, reptiles and amphibians and at the bottom, basketry.


Meanwhile A got 7 pins: forestry, art, readyman (first aid), naturalist, traveler, aquanaut (swimming) and outdoorsman.  He earned traveler on our vacation this summer, but all the rest were with his den, mostly in summer camp.  A had at least one dad look admiringly at all his pins and wonder how he got so many.

These are actually from several weeks ago and now A is getting ready for another pack meeting.  This time he won't be getting nearly as much, though.  One pin that I know of, but its a great start towards his Webelos badge - at the rate they're going, a handful of the boys should have their Webelos badge by Christmas!



Anonymous Sheri said...

My boys are both scouts, I have one still a Cub Scout, moving up to Boy Scouts in February, and the oldest is a Boy Scout. I love those award ceremonies.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

In this pack/troop the award ceremonies are definitely more meaningful for the Troop. I wish they would do a bit more ceremony in the Pack, especially when the Webelos II get their Arrow of Light.

8:51 PM  

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