Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Amicalola Falls

We're back from our camping trip to Amicalola Falls State Park. The falls are the highest east of the Mississippi. They don't fall the whole distance at once, but rather in several (many?) bits. Here's A at the top of the falls:

Looking over the railing behind A:
Just a few of the many (MANY) steps to get down to an overlook:
See - lots of stairs - 425 of them.  Ooof - both my legs and my lungs complained going back up.

The view from the overlook.  I had a really hard time getting the falls and the kids in the light.

View of the falls from the very bottom.  See that vertical line at the top of the picture - that's the falls!

A very interesting bug - some sort of caterpillar that we found.

After all that hiking, we headed back to our campsite for a rousing game of Settlers of Catan - only to discover that the site where we had set up camp had a wicked case of sun-in-the-eyes at the picnic table.  So, mid-game, we decided that this site just was NOT going to work.  We found another site across the road that was much shadier and decided to move.  It was a little close to a family in a camper, but we could tell from their tag that they would be leaving the next day, so we picked up the tent and moved it.  Yes, D and I each took 2 poles and the kids each had one and we just carried the tent, all set up, across the street.  I'm sure it was pretty funny looking, but it was far easier than taking down and re-setting up the tent!  A few more minutes to move our chairs and coolers and then we had to get back to our game - which was not portable.  After the game, we finished vacating the original site (we felt bad about occupying 2 sites, but the campground never got more than half full on Sunday evening) and then had hotdogs for dinner.  So nutritionally sound, I know.  But we had carrots too - one big carrot each!  And A was recording his menu for posterity - or at least for his Cub Scout leader for his fitness pin.  A finally finished his week's food diary - he was at least as good at remembering to write things down as I was.

(more on the camping trip tomorrow...)



Blogger Carol P. said...

Looks cool! And just seeing the 425 stairs sign made my thighs rebel!

10:27 AM  
Blogger Katherine said...

Yeah, mine too, but we did it anyway. Turns out it was the muscles right above the knee that really were bothered by the climb.

We didn't point the sign out to the kids at the top - they saw it at the bottom and realized how far we had to go.

10:09 PM  

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