Saturday, October 11, 2008

The end of the camping trip

I'm not sure I've ever seen a sign for this much grade on a road. Look closely, it says 25% grade! Yes, it was really, really steep. Coming down the mountain, I downshifted to 2nd, then 1st, and still had to use the brakes at times.

Some sort of interesting fungi:

For the most part we had beautiful weather for camping - cool, clear, crisp fall weather. A little chilly in the mornings and evenings (nice to have a sweatshirt and a campfire), but beautiful during the days. I was fine in jeans the whole time, but D and the kids wore shorts some times too and were also fine.

But then.... in the middle of the last night came the rain. The camp host had warned us the night before that there was a good chance of rain, but it was supposed to be only half an inch. That's not much rain and we weren't worried about our tent. (oops, famous last words) It started rained 2ish in the morning and by 3 am D was getting drips on his forehead! Through the rain fly! So, we got up and shifted the air mattress a bit so he wasn't getting hit, but then I noticed the drips on the sleeping bag too. By 4 or so, the drips had made it through the top of the sleeping bag and now the bottom layer of the bag was wet. Ugh. But of course it was still raining and pitch black dark out. Not much to do other than wait it out. Besides the kids were still asleep (even though when we did get up, A complained that his bag was rather wet).

I suppose I dozed off and on, but not a true sleep, but when M woke at 7, I was ready to start dealing with things - even though it was still almost as dark as it had been at 3. The kids and I packed up while D made dashes with the stuff to the car (in the rain still). We discussed what to do with the tent - its probably 8 years old and obviously leaking in more than one spot and we really didn't want a soggy wet tent in the car (and I won't really trust it for camping anymore) - in the end, we left the tent there and told the camp host. He said he would take care of it once things dried off a bit. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And then, since it was still raining and chilly and we had a cold breakfast planned (bagels, yogurt, fruit), we decided to take that all back home with us and go eat in the nice dry lodge, where they had a very reasonable hot buffet breakfast.

I think all the sleeping bags have finally dried out here at home and are ready to be put away again, but its been cloudy and damp here too the last few days. All the smoky laundry has finally been done and the last of the dishes washed (one pot wouldn't quite come clean at camp). I still need to restock the camping box with paper napkins and FIND the silverware we used to have in there. Luckily we had a bag of plastic, but we used to have a collection of cast off silverware from our parents that lived in the box. Wonder where it went??

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