Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Not recommended as an exercise plan

This fridge is driving me insane.  Oh, wait, I guess I didn't mention the issues with it yet.  Well, the fridge got delivered on Monday afternoon, nicely within the 2 hour window they gave me.  After some effort, they got the fridge in - the front stairs are too narrow, the door from the dining room to the kitchen is too narrow - they brought it up the back stairs, moved some furniture in the living room so it could go from the dining room into the hall into the kitchen.  Anyway, fridge came in, they hooked it all up and told me I'd be good to go once I cleaned the interior with vinegar and flushed about 4 gallons of water through the water dispenser.  

So, I commenced scrubbing down the fridge.  But, hmmm, it didn't seem very cool in there.  Maybe because I kept having the door open.  Or maybe since its an energy star, it takes a bit longer to get to temperature.  Several hours later, in between keeping A on task with his homework (not usually a problem except when he has to write something), I finish cleaning out the fridge and reinstalling all the shelves.  By this point it's dinner time, so I fish dinner out of the coolers (had to empty out the old fridge).  After dinner check the new fridge.  Oops, not looking good - its still room temp.

I send D off to my mom's to pick up a load of ice while I took the stuff from the freezer down to the garage to put it back into the old fridge/freezer.  We had decided we were going to donate the fridge to our neighborhood pool, so we didn't pay to have it hauled away.  At this point we are REALLY glad to still have the old fridge.

Tuesday morning - get up, fridge still not cold.  Think nasty thoughts.  Make several trips down to the old fridge to get breakfast for the kids.  After they get off to school take the remaining coolers back downstairs and reload them into old fridge.  Everything is sort of hodge-podge as to its location, though, so its hard to find things in the fridge. 

Call the store once it opens to report dead fridge.  Have to wait until store manager arrives before I can do anything.  Get appointment for Wed (today) to get a repair person, anytime between 8 and 5.  Yay.  Lovely window.  They tell me that they can narrow down my window some by calling in the morning.

This morning, it took me 5 trips down stairs to make breakfast.  
1:  Get milk for A
2: Get breakfast makings for M
3: Return breakfast makings for M
4: Get milk for my cereal
5: Return milk for my cereal.

It would have been 6, but A returned the milk from his breakfast.  Each trip is down a flight of stairs and across the length of the house and back.  It's probably good exercise, but its no fun!

The repair guy showed up this afternoon.  He fiddled, he got his tools, he told me he was going to light a fire in my kitchen (!).  I don't think he actually lit a fire, I think he was actually using a  welding torch to heat things up.  Evidently there was some sort of a restriction in the line keeping the coolant from circulating.  The fridge starting cooling some, but he didn't think it was really fixed.  He said it wasn't frosting on all the coils and that he would need to order a whole new set of coils for the fridge.  

D and I decided that we weren't sure we would trust a fridge that needed such major work right off the bat.  So, tomorrow I get to call up Se@rs and convince them that they need to pick up the fridge and return all my money - I don't want to be traipsing up and down the stairs all day for at least another week (minimum it would take to get the new part).

Of course this means the fun of hanging around waiting for someone to come and pick up the fridge and picking out a different fridge and then waiting for someone to deliver the new one.  Hanging around waiting for delivery/repair people is not my favorite thing, but it looks like I'll be doing more of it in the coming week.  joy...

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Blogger Carol P. said...

Oh man, what a pain! I would be a surly person after about a day of that! Hope you get chillin' soon!

Did they move the fridge downstairs or did you? If it was you, maybe you could move it back up? That's only worthwhile if the sum of the multiple- trips-per-meal exercise is greater than the amount of oomph it takes to get it back up the stairs.

8:58 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

They moved the fridge, definitely. And it took both of them to do it, even with a furniture dolly. It's no easy task, maneuvering the fridge around corners and up/down stairs.

At least now the new fridge is somewhat cool, so I can store breakfast fixing in there between kid breakfasts without worry of spoiling. I should be able to consolidate trips a little bit.

9:20 PM  

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