Saturday, September 27, 2008

M walks 20K

M's school had a walk-a-thon today to raise money for the school and for Toys for Tots.  M is all excited about it because there are cash prizes if you raise enough money.  He's hoping to raise $200.  We're proud and somewhat amazed that M walked all 20K today.  That is 14, 1-mile laps around the school.  He was a bit tired when we picked him up, but otherwise doing ok.  I guess all that walking we did on vacation this summer got him used to it.

Meanwhile, while M was walking, D and I (with A dragged along for the ride) went off hunting for a new fridge.  Our fridge developed a bad leak a few weeks ago, making us worry that we were going to be imminently replacing it.  It turns out it was just the line to the ice maker, so we shut that off and no more leaks, but in the meantime the door handle has gotten progressively wigglier - and not in a way that seems easily fixable.  So we decided it was best to be proactive and get a new fridge now, rather than panicking at the last moment when we have to pry open the fridge.  The Se*ars scratch and dent stores were having a sale this weekend, so we went hunting there.  We found a nice side-by-side, only slightly scratched, for about half off, plus an additional $50 off.  Bonus is,  its an Energy star model, so it should be much cheaper to operate than our current 13 year old fridge.  It will be delivered Monday, so tomorrow I get to clean off all the fridge magnets and then Monday, I guess I will be loading up all the contents of the fridge and freezer into coolers, waiting for delivery.  I certainly hope that they come fairly promptly - they are supposed to call tomorrow to tell me when my window will be.

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