Monday, September 22, 2008

Flying Feather event

One of the events at the Webelos-ree was the Flying Feathers.  This was the event that M was in charge of.  He had the materials in kits and he explained the process and measured the results.  Most events had 2 Scouts working them, but M was doing his alone.  I heard from other leaders that he was doing a good job, which was very nice to hear.  When we went down there, he was doing well - explaining things clearly, getting the Scouts organized, etc.

The task was to create as tall a tower as possible with the given materials:  4 sheets of stiff paper, 2 rubber bands, some pipe cleaners, paperclips, 4 straws, 2 address labels, a small piece of tin foil, 2 business cards, 2 pieces of regular paper (one being the page of instructions), the gallon baggie everything came in and a feather.  Then, without the tower tipping over, blow the feather as far as possible with one puff of air.

Here is our group assembling the tower:
more assembling
Getting reading to blow the feather.  I only got half of M in this picture, but he was there to measure how far the feather blew.
Launching the feather:
The kids had fun with it and they ended up with the tallest tower.  They didn't have the longest distance the feather traveled, but they ended up tying for 2nd place overall in this event.   Scoring was height plus distance.
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