Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Webelos pancake breakfast

On Sunday morning the Webelos were making breakfast for the parents.  Or at least they started making breakfast, with the help of some of the Boy Scout parents.  I didn't get a photo of A helping fix breakfast (I was back in camp getting all our gear packed up).  But here's D and some other dads making pancakes.


Then, after the Webelos had cooked for a while, the Scoutmaster gathered them all up to talk to them about the transition to Boy Scouts.  The Webelos II's will be crossing over in the spring, so they have to visit troops over the winter to choose which troop they want to join.  A and his group of Webelos I's have a year and a half before they have to decide, but its still good to think about what's coming up and to see what the Boy Scouts do that is different than the Cub Scouts.

Here's M helping with the pancakes - he got the job of ferrying the cooked pancakes over to the 'warming cooler'.

Several Scouts decided to see how big a pancake they could make.  It took multiple spatulas to flip this pancake!
And here is M enjoying the huge pancake.  You can't quite see it, but it is resting on 3 plates.  He was full by the time he finished this pancake (on top of several others and bacon already).
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