Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back from our Christmas trip

Actually we got back home on Sunday night, but I've been busy catching up on various things - like laundry, groceries, blogs, sleep, the cats, etc.  

The cats have kept us busier than usual.  When we got home and were greeting the cats, it was quickly apparent that Shadow had an issue - he had a huge lump on one side under his neck.  My mom had been faithfully feeding the cats  - and even bringing her newspaper over here to offer up a lap to any interested cat, but usually it was Pounce taking her up on the lap offer.  She said that she hadn't petted Shadow since Christmas eve and he didn't have a lump then.

Trip to the vet was in order for Monday, and from what the vet said, he probably hadn't had the lump on Wednesday.  Seems that Shadow got into a cat fight and ended up with an abscess.  So, he got shaved and poked (antibiotics) and we get to give him hot compresses and ointment multiple times a day.  He doesn't particularly like the treatment, but he forgives us and will come back and warm a lap within the half hour often.

We had a wonderful time visiting with all of D's family over Christmas - all of his family was there.  Lots of talking, good food, a few games, lots of fun.  But I'm glad to be back home now in my space.  Traveling at the holidays is tiring - there's even more to remember to pack than at other times.  And, of course, we managed to forget something - nothing big forgotten on the trip up, but we forgot 2 games and the fruitcake pan on our way home.  

I've got some pictures to post, but that will have to be for another day...

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