Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Specials

We watched a new Christmas special tonight - a Shrek one.  It was cute, but what struck me the most was how odd it was to watch a Christmas special where I didn't already know what was going to happen.  So many of the specials are the 'oldy but goodies', that I've watched many times before.

Like The Grinch, which followed Shrek.  I think I've missed it at least as often as I've managed to catch it lately, so it was nice to see.  Unfortunately, both were on a channel that we don't get in the living room.  Even though the LR TV and the bedroom TV are separated by less than 10 feet, they each get their own range of channels.  It makes no sense!  Anyway, because of this, tonight, instead of sitting in front of the fire watching the specials, we crawled into our bed to watch.  A different sort of staying warm.



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