Thursday, December 11, 2008

I thought I had it under control....

I thought I was doing well on Christmas prep, but somehow, it seems it always creeps up on me.  

By Thanksgiving, I had 3 loaves of quick bread and 2 batches of cookies baked.  I had also basically finished shopping for 5 people, out of the 13 I knew I needed to shop for.  Sounds pretty good, right.  So why am I still so busy???

It doesn't help that I added 3 more people to shop for, in the form of "mitten tree" gifts (people our church is sponsoring for Christmas).  Also not helping was the fact that I lost my address list and had to recreate it.  It is about 80% recreated now.  I'm waiting for a few addresses, and for those last few people, I will address their cards once I receive a card.

I thought picking a photo for the Christmas cards would be easy - after all, I made sure to get multiple shots of all of us while on vacation this summer.  However, most of them turned out unsuitable - either one of the kids is looking downright strange or we are tiny specks in front of some impressive Japanese building.  But I finally found something decent tonight, so at least I can go get photos printed.

I still have to make or find something for several dozen teacher gifts - between both kids teachers, Sunday School teachers and D's fellow teachers.  

Time is running extra fast for me these days, whereas for the kids it seems to be running in slow motion.  I wish I had some slow motion days right now!



Blogger Carol P. said...

I totally know what you mean, and you're far ahead of me....

I need to order a couple of gifts over the internet yet, and we don't have our tree decorated yet, though it's been up for a few days now. Tomorrow night during game night, I think I'll be doing some decorating...

12:57 AM  
Blogger Katherine said...

Our tree is as decorated as its going to get. It only has a fraction of our ornaments on it, but the kids lost interest quickly. It is smaller (and fake) than our usual real tree, but we're traveling this year.

Some of the behind feeling comes because we will be traveling and I have to have most everything done by the 21st, plus pack all our stuff and us into the car, not forgetting anything.

6:32 AM  

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