Monday, January 05, 2009

geocaching in VA

While we were visiting in VA over the holidays, one day we went out geocaching. The first two caches we found relatively easily (one very easily), without really needing the GPS.

But then the next ones were in a much more wooded areas and further off the road - we would never have found them without the GPS.

We tramped around quite a while (and through some mud we didn't need to have gotten into), before we found this cache. It included a disposable camera to take a photo of ourselves with the rubber chicken. We took another with our camera.

Here's M getting really silly with the chicken.

For as big as this cache was, it was hidden really well - it took us a good while to find it.

The last cache had us scrambling up and down hills and ending up in someone's backyard before realizing that we needed to be on the other side of the river. It was getting dark by the time we finally found it. Cousin B was really excited to claim a pocketknife out of the cache (she left some Japanese yen that I'm sure someone else will be thrilled to find).

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We enjoy geocaching too!

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