Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wanting to Garden

I know it is still too early to plant many things in the garden, but it seems so nice.  I'll admit it's still getting a little cool at night (around 40), but the days are near 70.  The garden centers are full of tomatoes and peppers and other such plants.  But it is still 3 weeks til our last frost date AND I know that plants put in later often catch up or pass early plants in producing.  We had some beautiful tomato plants when we lived in Baton Rouge once - they had these wonderful big tomatoes on them in early May.  And there they stayed, still green, until it got hot enough in June for them to ripen!

I did plant some red onion sets this weekend, though.  Evidently it's a bit late to be planting onions and they looked kind of sad (sad enough that the guy at the feed & seed gave them to me for free), but we're trying.  I'd gone looking for seed potatoes, only to be told they were out and it was a month too late to be planting them.  Funny since everything I'd been seeing online said to wait to plant potatoes until after last frost.  Hmmmph.  I put a note on the calendar to check on onions and potatoes in February next year.

I'm also impatiently waiting to see if my parsley will germinate.  I know I shouldn't be concerned yet as its only just been 2 weeks since I planted and the packet says 14-21 days, but I really want to know if I'm going to have any luck with this batch or should I be starting some more.  I guess another week will tell...



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In Cobb County, where I live, potatoes are supposed planted mid-March, even though our last frost date is 15 April. The trouble with planting them much later is that they prefer cool weather. They need to be pretty far along by July. If they are planted out too late, they won't produce as well as if they were planted out earlier.

It is getting a bit late to be planting a lot of the Spring veggies, although you could probably do lettuces from transplants (would be expensive, though).

Your starting parsley is pretty similar to how I'm keeping from doing something crazy like planting out tomatoes. In addition to the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant seedlings that I started several weeks ago in trays, just a few days ago I started a tray of herbs, flowers, and the extra tomatoes that I will plant when and where the onions come out in early summer. None of those seeds have germinated yet, but they will mostly be up sometime next week.

Parsley does take a while to germinate, so you probably shouldn't worry about it yet. I know, though, how hard it is to wait!

Hope your gardening goes well this year.


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