Wednesday, April 08, 2009

recent creations

M came home with some of his artwork recently.  A cool African inspired mask:

and a very life-like gecko!
I didn't get a good picture of it, but when we put the gecko down near the cats, they had to go check it out to make sure it wasn't alive.  M's art teacher was quite impressed with the gecko and offered him a slot in her advanced art class next year.  He is happy about that - art all year long!

Here's A with his recent Magnetix creations:
The Magnetix were a big hit when he first got them and for about a year thereafter, then went into hiatus for about a year.  A claimed he didn't want them anymore, but we held on to them anyway.  Lately they've had a big resurgence in interest.  He's built bridges and towers and cool geometric designs - all very interesting.
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Blogger Threeundertwo said...

Congratulations on the advanced art class! And magnetix rock. I think I'll keep ours around to play with myself.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Carol P. said...

Wow, those are cool!

It's interesting how toys come and go, isn't it. At last night's game night, J and 6 of her friends built things with Kapla blocks for about 30 minutes. I didn't take any pictures because it would embarrass them.... 7th graders playing with blocks and having a good time.

12:30 PM  

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