Friday, June 12, 2009


The garden is cranking along now.  We've had several meals with green beans and we're still harvesting from the first set of bush beans we planted.  I picked today and saw that the second set of bean plants are currently flowering (I planted them about 3 weeks after the first set).  I hope that there won't be much of a gap in beans.

We've harvested the first several cherry tomatoes.  As predicted, most have been eaten still in the garden (and mostly by A).  That's fine - its what we expected.  Any that make it into the house are just a bonus.
The regular tomato plants are growing like gangbusters - outgrowing our stakes and cages!  I haven't seen any signs of red on their tomatoes yet, but I do see growing green tomatoes.

This photo was from several days ago and the little cuke has grown bigger.  Enough so that we picked him tonight.  I think he's destined to become part of dinner tomorrow night.  There are at least 2 more cukes growing and plenty of flowers.
These cucumbers are already wildly more successful than the last time I tried growing them - I had spindly, pitiful plants that never produced a single cuke.

This is actually the 3rd pepper that this plant has produced - the tag calls it a hot banana pepper (we think it is probably the same as the Hungarian wax pepper we grew in Baton Rouge).  They have a little heat, but not too much and are quite tasty.  And this plant is definitely out-producing the banana pepper and the bell peppers (mostly just at the flowering stage still).
Lastly, a picture of the garden overall:
All that grass and weeds are in the walkway of the garden - it may not look the best, but overall the garden is doing well.  Where we've put it down, the newspaper and grass clippings are doing a good job of keeping down the weeds.  I guess we need to do a bit more of that.

I'm sure the garden is enjoying the rain we're currently getting - over 2 inches so far tonight.  I'm enjoying it too - it cooled the temperature off quickly (like 5 degrees in 5 minutes).  Also knowing that we won't need to water the garden or the blueberries for a few more days.

Speaking of blueberries, we've had one ripe one so far.  I expect it will be a few weeks before ours are really ripe (especially since ours are rather shaded).  I'm hoping that by next weekend the you-pick place near us will be open, though.  I have a single pie crust waiting for a blueberry pie.  Yummmmmm.
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