Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cool Weather coming to an end?

So far July has been much cooler than June was.  June got awfully hot, awfully early - multiple upper 90s days in a row.  Whereas, the last week or so, possibly as long as almost 2 weeks (I haven't really been keeping track, but its been an unusually long while for July) has been delightfully cool - days in the low to mid 80s, nights in the mid to upper 60s - and NO AC for almost a week.  

Yep, today the AC kicked in for a few hours, starting just before dinner.  I think it has been at least since last Monday since it was last on.  Amazing!  The new attic fan is more powerful and the weather has been so cool at night.  I even had to put a second quilt on the bed (just for my feet) over the weekend to keep warm.  (Also D was gone that night - out at Webelos encampment with A, so not there to help keep my feet warm.)

Well, now looking at, it says that maybe we'll be staying in the 80s for another week or so, whereas when I looked this afternoon it was saying some of the days were headed for the 90s.  The weather outlook is changing - seemingly hourly!  Quite frustrating when we are trying to plan a day to go to Six Flags.  We'd really like a day without rain, or at least with only a short rain.  But when the weather reports change so frequently its hard to know until the morning of what will happen.  And even then, its not so predictable.  One day last week, I happened to be looking at the hourly forecast and saw that it was 5% chance of rain - well, it rained (and HARD) during that hour.  Humph.

I guess we just have to wait and see.  Oh, and enjoy what cool weather we do get.  Attic fan is going at the moment and the house is quite pleasant.  Shadow is enjoying it too, sitting in my lap more than usual for the summer.




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