Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dinner by M

M was assigned to fix dinner a few nights ago.  He was not particularly enthusiastic, but he did decide on a menu - spaghetti.  Now, M likes his spaghetti plain (or with parmesan cheese) while the rest of us like sauce.  We insisted that he had to heat up some sauce, but no doctoring of the sauce was required (I usually saute some green pepper and onions to go in there at least).  

M's menu:
spaghetti noodles
spaghetti sauce
cheese bread

All of these were separate items on M's plate.  I, however, cut up my mushrooms and put them and the meatballs in with the sauce on top of my noodles.  It may not have been the finest gourmet meal, but it did feed us all and M did it basically all by himself.  Up til now I've been providing more help, but he did well.  I wonder what he'll fix for us the next time?  But first, it will be A's turn to fix a dinner - I'll have to get him thinking about a menu before I go to the grocery store next.

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