Sunday, August 16, 2009

Initial popcorn goal met

A started selling his Scout popcorn last Sunday and now, 1 week later, he has met his initial goal of $600.  Way to go A!  My unofficial tally is $675.  That is enough to get him:

1.  dues paid for this year
2. clock radio with iPod dock
3. pie in the face or dunking (they haven't decided which yet) a leader

Now, A says his next goal is a total of $1500, which would net him an extra $50 gift card, over and above whatever other prizes he chooses.  He is very interested in the getting the prizes, but less so in going out and selling the popcorn.  Or rather, he isn't interested in getting off the computer and heading out - once he is out there, he will stick with it and do fine for a reasonable period of time.  A says he wants me to "remind" him periodically about popcorn, so I will, but I'm not going to push.  After all, the more he sells, the more I have to help him deliver.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We still have neighbors on my street, including one who asked that we return later. M-m

6:45 AM  

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