Sunday, March 26, 2006

M Turns 10!

Today was the BIG day - M turned 10! Double digits and all that. He was very excited to open his presents. We let him open one this morning from Gramma and Grampa, so that he could thank them when they called. They often call in the afternoon, though today, they hit just at the end of opening presents - so he would have opened it already if we had waited. But this way, he could report that he had opened, installed and played their gift - Pinball Science game for the computer. It's a cool game.
Here's M with his stack of presents after dinner (his choice of lasagna & green peas - D decided to add naan for those of us that like it (everyone but M)).

One gift from us was 3 t-shirts. He liked them all, but said his favorite was the one with turtles (that photo didn't turn out, though, so you get to see the Spiderman one). Do you know how hard it is to find interesting (to a 10 yo) and inoffensive (to a mom) shirts? I've been hunting for a Pokemon t-shirt since about Nov and can't find one in a 10-12 type size. Mostly what I find are "attitude" shirts, which I despise. I won't buy them.

Here's M opening his gift from A: 2 Pokemon videos that A got at the consignment sale. A got a great deal at 50 cents each (yes, the kids have to buy gifts out of their allowance money) and M gets a great gift. Win-win in my book.

And here's M and my mom just after blowing out the candles. We thought we had some of those everlasting candles, but couldn't find them tonight - or couldn't fingure out which ones they were. We may have to hunt some more before M's friend party - which will probably be in about a week. He wants a sleepover.


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