Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bunny cake & memories

My mom made a bunny cake for coffee hour after church on Easter. It's quite cute.
This brings back many memories - the recipe was cut out of the newspaper many, many years ago - sometime when I was a very small child. At least once, I had a bunny cake for my birthday (my birthday usually falling near Easter). A friend (whose birthday is a few days after mine) at church saw the cake and remarked that she also had a bunny cake for Easter one time. Actually I must have had this cake more than once, because I can remember my brother being jealous and wanting a bunny cake for his birthday - in January. As a good mother, my mom made him a bunny cake in January.
I'm sure it will be a hit tomorrow - both visually and tastily (?). I don't know how I should say that.... edibly, yummily.... whatever, it will look good and taste good. Posted by Picasa


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