Saturday, April 08, 2006

We're goin' to the Zoo....

[Blogger has been being a pain, not letting me add more photos to this post, so I finally split up the post. I wrote this on Sat, but I'm not going to edit dates around.]

Yesterday, we all packed up and headed out to meet the rest of the Cub Scouts for an overnight trip to the Zoo. We met at the church at 4:30 and were on the road before 5. When we arrived at the zoo, this is what we saw:

A was all sacked out! Too much excitement or too little sleep this week. I'd rather have him nap then than be cranky and fall asleep during the evening program (which ran til 10pm).
And then here was M:

After getting settled into our (fully-enclosed, climate-controlled) cabins, we headed off on our tour. First up was the commisary, where they prepare all the animal's food, including such delicacies as:

rat-sicles... in dilute Powerade. Glad that's not in MY fridge!

Then we saw some animals. We got to see the kangaroos - if you look closely, you can see the feet of the joey sticking out of this kangaroos pouch.

Then we had some animal encounters. A frog - rather large, no touching, a snake - medium size, fine to touch, some sort of lizard (with a different colored tail than body) and finally a 3-banded armadillo. This is evidently different than US armadillos which are 9-banded.

He felt rather interesting. M and A both enjoyed touching the animals.


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