Thursday, April 13, 2006

Challenge Quilt Show

My quilt group met yesterday and we had all our challenge quilts displayed for judging. I didn't enter with any expectation of winning, which is a good thing, as I didn't win. I did hear several people comment favorably on my quilt, though. In case you've forgotten, this is mine:

The bit of blue ribbon on mine and the next one signify that this is our first time entry into a challenge - in our group or any other quilt guild. They decided to come up with an additional prize for best first time entry, since they had many more entries than in the past. Previous years had 8-10 entries, this year had 23.
This quilt is the one that won for 1st time entries. I think it is really cool, but I didn't vote for it because I didn't think it had followed the rules - her predominant colors were supposed to be black and gold - I look at this and think green.

This one below won first place. It's cool, but not my first choice.

This one was my favorite:

It won an honorable mention for "bling". It was a hard choice for me between the stars above and the tree below. The tree won second place.

It was lots of fun to look at all the different things people came up with.


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