Friday, April 14, 2006

egg dying

It's time to dye the eggs again. A and I went down to look in the big box of Easter stuff and he picked out a tie-dye egg dying kit. (I have at least 3 or 4 more egg dying kits on hand, picked up on a super clearance sale several years ago.) So, we set about making up dye - 2 batches, so that we could dye eggs and then more concentrated so we could tye-dye them also.
Here's M with a conventionally dyed egg.

Then he decided to try to tie-dye one - looks rather camo to me.

Then A did a multi-color egg.

We dyed 2 dozen eggs in all and they are all very good looking.
You might also notice that M has a new haircut. He was not particularly happy about getting his hair cut and didn't cooperate with the barber very well, but she did a good job nevertheless. He wouldn't pose for a haircut picture, but the sideburns are gone and the back is slightly shorter and overall it is less shaggy. Still longer than I would have cut it, but ... I'm trying to pick my battles.


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