Wednesday, April 12, 2006


D and I both have the sniffles currently, and the kids might have a lesser version. In D's case they are almost certainly allergies. For me, well... I get a bad case of sniffles, sneezes, sore throat at allergy time, oh, about every 5 years or so. So, I doubt it is allergies (unless there is something that only blooms about every 5 years - in varying areas across the southeast). But it is annoying just the same. At least in the short run, allergy pills don't seem to do anything, and I'm unwilling to take them for multiple days just to see - besides, how would I know if they were working or it was just a cold I got over?
M has shown signs of seasonal allergies in the past (though allergy testing only picked up dust mites), but he doesn't seem to be showing any symptoms this year. Maybe he grew out of whatever it was?? Or maybe he doesn't want to mention it because then I might make him take some sort of allergy meds. M HATES taking any sort of medicine. A is not complaining of anything, but does seem a bit drippy.
So, now you know more about our noses than I'm sure you cared to know. It was a slow news day.


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