Thursday, April 13, 2006

A's Easter egg hunt

A's class had an Easter egg hunt this afternoon. I wrote a note to his teacher yesterday asking if she needed any help hiding eggs. Oh my, yes, she was thrilled to have help! So, I did the bunny hop and hid eggs with one other mom. Including the fun part of stuffing eggs, where one parent sent in a package of eggs and a bag of candy - that did NOT fit in the eggs she sent. grrr. We had to go pick up a bunch of the bigger eggs and restuff eggs.
Then the kids came out and proceeded to find all the eggs within a few minutes - well, its not tough when you have 193 eggs hidden on a hillside with a few trees - not too many hiding spots.
I tried to get a picture of A hunting, but he wasn't interested in getting his photo taken, but of finding eggs. Here he is after finishing the hunt.

And here, A and several buddies are checking out their baskets and counting their eggs.

The kids got between 5 and 18 eggs each, but Mrs. G. had told them that they were going to equalize baskets. She started trying to get kids with many eggs to give one each to kids with few, but that looked like it would take forever and still end up with some kids having several "special eggs" and other kids having none. So, Mrs. G ended up taking all the kids to the swings, while the other mom and I equalized baskets - 10 eggs per kid, one special and one large each. There were a few grumblings when the kids came back to pick up their baskets, but overall a good time was had by all.


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