Friday, April 28, 2006

Carnival Time

Today was the day of the school carnival. Big deal, lots of hype, must-go activity. We bought our tickets earlier this week (presale tickets were discounted, $12 worth of tickets for $10), so we were ready to go.
Almost as soon as the kids came home today they asked, is it time to go to the carnival yet? Umm, no, it was barely 3 and the official start was 5. So we hung out and played some more Blink. M says, "it's no fair, you play too fast". Sorry, but I can't just slow down on this sort of game. I know he will get faster with practice and may even beat me soon. We also played a couple of games of Guess Who. Note that these are both short games, so we had time for several as well as other things.
Finally it was 4:30 and time to get ready. I figured on getting there around quarter til 5 so the kids could do their spin art - prize for perfect attendance the last month (leading up to and including spring testing - that's a whole nother post). We got there, did the spin art and I set them loose, after pointing out where I would be - working at the boys bouncy house.
I saw the kids several times at the bouncy house (which I didn't realize was supposed to be a monster truck until after I worked my hour shift - in my defense, I spent that whole hour right at the opening and not seeing the "big picture").
I tried getting a picture of M jumping, but it just didn't work. So, here's A and a friend waiting to jump.

I think this may have been A's favorite activity, or at least he spent a lot of time there - he jumped at least 6 times in the hour I was there. At the very end of my hour my mom arrived to spell me for a bit so the kids and I could go get some dinner from the food tent - pizza for them and Chick-fil-A sandwich for me.
I think M's favorite activity was the bouncy obstacle course. Again I tried to get a photo, but no luck. I did manage to get this photo of M and a friend waiting in line.

The line for the obstacle course was the longest of the whole place. And it took 2 tickets, where all the other games were only 1 ticket each.
I hope the school made a bunch of money. It was certainly a fair amount of work. Somehow not as many people volunteered as usual to help work, so some of us ended up working 2+ hours, while many others didn't work at all. I think they might have better luck asking parents to work a half-hour shift rather than an hour. 2, 1-hour shifts back to back was a bit much. D did take over part of my second shift so I could run to the bathroom and the car.
M won not one, but two, boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. What in the world are we going to do with 24 glazed donuts??? The only way I really like these is fresh and hot. I suppose with this many of them I may experiment with microwaving them. I have a feeling that they are going to go stale before they all get eaten. M was so full of pizza, cotton candy (two sticks), brownie, candy & donut all eaten at the carnival that he didn't want a snack. Amazing!


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