Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I got a new game in the mail today, Blink. Boys Life/Scouting magazine is running a challenge. I signed up for this way back in the fall and they finally sent me the game. FREE. Pretty cool. They even sent me a timer so I can time the boys playing.
D and I played one game tonight, just to see how it goes. Quickly, in a blink even. At least for us - not so much for 7 year olds. I took it with me to our meeting tonight and we had a few minutes left after our guest speaker finished, so we played 2 games. A is pretty good. Another mom looked surprised when I said that no, he hadn't ever played it before. I think it helps that he has played SET, though, as it has a lot of the same principles. You can play SET here, online. The kids seemed to have fun with Blink, and M is dying to try it out. He didn't get to tonight since he finished his homework after dinner, just before leaving for Scouts. I'm sure we will play a game tomorrow. The challenge is to become a "master" player, playing out all your cards in 30 seconds or less! We're not anywhere near that, and aren't even timing games now. It's amazing to play a game that takes longer to deal out the cards than to play the game.


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