Monday, April 24, 2006

The rug is back

The living room rug is finally back in its rightful place - after many months. Last fall, we replaced the flooring in the kitchen, LR/DR and front hall. To do this, we obviously had to pick up the rug (and detach its sticky pad). We stashed the rug temporarily in the basement. And there it sat until early February. After all, the floor people said it would be good to let the floor all age and darken at the same rate, right? Well, that, and its a long drive to the rug cleaning place. But finally I took it in - only to discover that not only did it need cleaning, but it also needed repair. A couple of tears got sewn up, the ends got chain-stitched where they were raveling, and it got moth-proofed. All this took a while, but finally they called and said it was ready at the end of March - right when I was busy fighting the taxes. But on Friday, my mom and I went to pick it up. We made a day of it.
We went to the Dekalb Farmers Market and had a very nice time picking out specialties that aren't available in our local area. They have great fresh breads, including "chocolate bread" (chocolate croissants), like that which D brought back from Paris one time.

Of course I had to bring some home for M and A (and couldn't leave D or myself out either).
They have a very interesting restaurant there and we thought of eating there, but we had forgotten to bring our parkas. It was freezing in the Farmers Market, especially on that end, near the fish/meat/cheese/refrigerated sections. The employees were all wearing very warm looking parkas and looking quite comfortable.
I picked up some nice produce and a few other treats also. It is a nice place to visit, but next time I'll remember the cold weather gear.

Then it was on to pick up the rug. That went smoothly and the rug just fits in the van - with the seats lying flat and one end going between the front seats. But this way the rug was inside and we didn't have to worry about rain or theft. Though anyone who tried to take off with it would get a hernia - that thing is heavy.
So with the rug safely in the car, my mom and I went to a Thai noodle shop for lunch, where we had pick-your-ingedients noodle soup. Yumm. It was equally tasty for leftovers on Sat also.
Sat was rainy, so the rug stayed in the car. Sunday we finally managed to get the rug out. My, that rug is heavy. We really could have used a 3rd person as we manuvered it aound the house, up the front stairs, navigated the turn in the stairs and in the front door. We dumped in the front hall - and there it stayed until tonight.
Tonight, we got the hardwood floor pad out of storage (I knew I saved it for a reason), and got started trying to put the rug down. 9'x12' of waffle rug pad is hard enough to get straight, but its even harder to put the rug down straight and not skew the pad. We pushed, we pulled, we lifted, we made kids help. We moved various pieces of furniture. Finally we got the rug in place. Ta-da:

They all look very comfy, don't they? After the kids went to bed, D and I got the furniture back into place.


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