Thursday, April 20, 2006

M finally gets a DS

M got several gift cards for his birthday last month and when we went shopping, he decided he wanted a Nintendo DS. Well, they are pretty pricey and he didn't have nearly enough gift cards. Nor did he have enough when adding in his money at home. He's been saving nearly all his allowance for the last month, but that still didn't do it. What finally did it was - he sold his gameboy. One of his friends has been wanting a gameboy and the mom had promised him one for good behavior. M had been bugging her for a couple of weeks and she finally bought it from him yesterday. He wanted to go to Target right then, but seeing as it was dinnertime, NO. So we went today after school - actually after I finished getting the chicken in to marinate. We dashed up there and back. Oh happy day, M is quite happy now. Luckily the DS plays gameboy games as he doesn't have enough money currently to buy any new DS games.


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